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The Sweepmaster model range

Sweeping and vacuum sweeping machines

Hako sweeping and vacuum sweeping machines are the perfect choice for sweeping and vacuum sweeping halls, workshops, outdoor areas or car parks. Whether as walk-behind or ride-on machines, these machines are convincing in terms of user-friendliness, economy and a multitude of good ideas in detail.

Your advantages at a glance

Sweepmaster sweeping and vacuum sweeping machines Powerful dust filters

Powerful dust filter

High-performance dust filter systems ensure a separation efficiency of 99.5 %.

Sweepmaster sweeping and vacuum sweeping machines simple high emptying

Simple high discharge

Some models offer a sweepings container for direct container emptying

Sweepmaster sweepers and vacuum sweepers Fast service

Fast service

Easy-to-reach technology minimises downtimes during servicing

Sweepmaster sweepers and vacuum sweepers Large selection of accessories

Large selection of accessories

The right accessories can solve almost any sweeping problem in industry, commerce and trade

Sweepmaster – walk-behind and ride-on sweepers

We are happy to advise you

Whether it’s sweeping, vacuuming or scrubbing. Contact us today for personalised advice!

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Walk-behind-Sweeping and vacuum sweeping machines

With the walk-behind sweepers and vacuum sweepers of the Sweepmaster series, dust, dirt particles and light waste can be consistently swept up from the floor. With a cleaning capacity of more than 4,000 m²/h, these machines are perfectly suited for outdoor areas, halls and workshops. Due to their large dirt bin capacity and powerful filter systems, reliable cleaning performance is guaranteed.

Sweepmaster walk-behind sweeping and vacuum sweeping machines
Sweepmaster ride-on sweeping and vacuum sweeping machine

Ride-on-Sweeping and vacuum sweeping machines

The Sweepmaster range of ride-on sweepers and vacuum sweepers extends from extremely compact and manoeuvrable machines to universal models with an area performance of more than 16,000 m²/h. As a result, these machines meet the highest demands for economic use and provide the right solution for every need. No matter whether production halls and warehouses or paved outdoor areas.

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