Sicherheit Linde Safety Pilot Anwendung

So that the forklift never tips over

Linde safety pilot

Linde Safety Pilot is an intelligent assistance system for forklift trucks which ensures that the truck does not tip over when the maximum load is exceeded, thereby endangering the driver’s life and preventing major damage to the vehicle and goods. Often, a tipped forklift truck is the result of operator error. To prevent this as far as possible, the Linde Safety Pilot uses various sensors to intervene at an early stage to prevent the truck from tipping over. The assistance system acts like an intelligent co-driver and is available in two different versions on Linde counterbalance trucks. With both systems, the operator always receives the most important information about his load weight, the load angle and the lift height via a display inside the driver’s cab. As soon as a critical condition is reached, the monitor visualises this in warning colours and an acoustic warning signal sounds.

Your advantages at a glance

Linde Safety Pilot erhöht signifikant die Sicherheit für Mensch, Fahrzeug und Ware

Significantly increases safety for people, vehicles and goods

Linde Safety Pilot gibt einen perfekten Überblick über die Eigenschaften der Last

Gives a perfect overview of the properties of the load

Linde Safety Pilot minimiert Stillstandszeiten durch Unfälle

Minimises downtime due to accidents

Information from the Linde Safety Pilot

Safe workspace

Linde Safety Pilot im sicheren Arbeitsbereich

There are no restrictions. The display only gives information about load weight, load angle and the lifting height.

Boundary area

Linde Safety Pilot im Grenzbereich

The payload limit has almost been reached. The Linde Safety Pilot in the Active variant now reduces the lifting and tilting speed.

Critical area

Linde Safety Pilot im kritischen Bereich

The maximum load has been reached. The display lights up red and also warns the operator with a warning tone. The Linde Safety Pilot in the Active variant controls the vehicle functions. It is only possible to lower the load.

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More safety through innovations

Load weight

Highly sensitive sensors measure the pressure of the hydraulic system of the mast. This, in conjunction with cylinder diameter and lift chain ratio, allows the current load weight to be determined.

Lifting height

This is determined by specially developed rope length transmitters, which are integrated on the mast.

Load angle

Sensors for determining the tilt angle are integrated in all Linde counterbalance trucks.

Load moment

A measuring cell on the rear axle can be used to calculate the load moment or the distance of the load centre of gravity from the front axle.

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