Cleaning and disinfection

Air conditioning service for forklift air conditioning systems

Our mobile air conditioning service for forklift trucks comes to you and carries out the regularly required maintenance for you – very uncomplicated and for all makes. This means that you always have fresh and, above all, clean air and pleasant temperatures in your forklift trucks. We offer this service for all makes.


Leak test of the air conditioning system


Refilling the refrigerant


Cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioning system

Why should an air conditioner be serviced regularly?

The smooth operation of an air-conditioning system depends to a large extent on the right amount of refrigerant. This ensures the correct pressure, the correct cooling and the supplied refrigerating oil lubricates the components, especially the sensitive compressor of the system.
Since an air-conditioning system cannot form a static system due to its construction, the refrigerant escapes gradually via hoses, O-rings and the sealing rings on the compressor. Our experts therefore check the entire system such as pollen filter, refrigerant, mechanics, electronics, evaporator, compressor and more.
In this way, the system loses on average up to 5 – 15 % of refrigerant per year. Regular maintenance reduces the environmental impact, as leaks and other defective components can be detected at an early stage and repaired accordingly.

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Many good reasons for regular maintenance:

  • Good cooling performance and fresh air in the driver’s cab
  • Better driver concentration and performance
  • Maintain reliability of the air conditioner
  • Increase in driving comfort
  • Reduce environmental impact due to refrigerant loss
  • Prevent functional impairments due to dirt, dust, pollen or insects
  • Protects against the loss of refrigerant and oil
  • Protects the compressor from wear
  • Prevents the development of mould as well as pathogens in the cabin

What is checked during the air conditioning check?

  • Incoming and functional test
  • Extract, recycle and refill refrigerant R134a
  • Checking the dryer cartridge
  • Internal cleaning of the system
  • Introducing contrast medium into the cooling system,
  • to be able to detect leaks in the system more quickly in the future
  • Add compressor oil level
  • Replacing the cabin air filter (pollen filter)
  • Functional check of the system technology
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioner
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We are happy to advise you

There are many challenges in the service sector, but also new opportunities. To meet these, the service should be planned quickly and precisely. This is only possible with holistic advice. Talk to us!

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