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With high throughput through the high rack

Narrow aisle truck

High throughput rates and particularly safe handling processes in the smallest of spaces – no problem with our narrow-aisle trucks. Linde Material Handling has comprehensively designed its high-rack stackers and vertical order pickers to meet the challenges of narrow aisles. This includes powerful travel and lift motors that allow the forklift to accelerate and lift at the same time, so that the desired position in the rack is reached quickly.

At the same time, Linde System Control regulates lifting and travel speed depending on the load weight, thus optimizing performance depending on the travel situation. Other optional assistance systems from Linde protect against accidents and help with fast navigation through the warehouse. Energy feedback when braking and lowering the load saves energy costs and increases availability. The load capacity ranges up to 1.5 tons, depending on the model and configuration.


Extensive assistance systems for maximum safety


Load capacity up to 1.5 tons


Energy feedback for lower costs and increased availability

Advantages of the Linde narrow aisle truck

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Highest operating speed for maximum handling performance

Narrow aisle truck Präzision

Positioning aids and warehouse navigation for pallet storage at the touch of a button

Narrow aisle truck safety

High safety due to supporting assistance systems

The narrow-aisle trucks accelerate and lift at the same time. In addition, thanks to the stable vehicle design, the travel speed remains above average even at great lifting heights.

Intelligent assistance systems prevent accidents with people, collisions with the rack or obstacles on the floor and ceiling. At the same time, throughput increases.

The robust technology ensures low service and life cycle costs. Service technicians can read out and check all vehicle data via notebook and CAN bus connection.

All controls are ergonomically arranged and easy to operate, and the seat can be adjusted in many ways.

The energy generated during braking and lowering is fed back into the battery. The narrow-aisle vehicles are thus in operation for longer.

Our narrow aisle truck

Good reasons for Linde narrow aisle trucks

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Maximum performance in high-bay warehouses

Narrow-aisle trucks from Linde Material Handling enable exceptional speed in load handling: With an assumed rack height of seven meters, they process up to 30 pallets per operating hour – significantly more than counterbalance or reach trucks. One of the key factors here is that the forklifts accelerate and lift at the same time. For example, a pallet at a great height can be moved particularly quickly in diagonal motion and at consistently high speed.

More comfort thanks to better overview

In order to be able to transport as many goods as possible in the shortest possible time in the narrow aisle, VNA forklifts from Linde use various assistance systems as well as the optional Linde warehouse navigation. This system supports the driver and shows him the exact storage position for a product on the display. All he has to do is activate the drive function and he reaches his destination with pinpoint accuracy.
Alternatively, various positioning aids are available, such as camera systems that simplify handling at great heights, or the automated fork cycle. Here, the vehicle automatically executes three movements at the push of a button when storing or retrieving a pallet. Linde System Control detects whether a load is on the fork and automatically starts the corresponding movement cycle.

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Narrow aisle truck Linde Präzision

More safety for all

Narrow aisles are difficult to overlook from the vehicle. That’s why Linde high-rack trucks feature numerous safety elements that minimize the risk of accidents for the driver and other employees. For example, the optional aisle safety assistant (GSA) triggers targeted travel commands so that the truck slows down in the event of uneven floors or limits the maximum lift height in the event of obstacles such as ceiling beams. Work safety is ensured by the fact that the operator must operate the control unit with both hands and a dead man’s switch in the seat or on the cab floor. to move the vehicle.

Healthy workplace

The narrow aisle truck provides the operator with an ergonomic workstation: All controls are ergonomically designed and easy to reach, control is effortless with multi-axis levers, and there are many storage options. They make it easier to work in the spacious cab. Various mirror and camera systems improve the all-round view. The operator thus avoids strenuous body movements.

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Customized narrow aisle truck

A huge selection of modules is available for Linde’s VNA trucks – for example, different engines, batteries, chassis, cabs and masts. The desired load capacity, handling performance or lift height determines the choice. The cab interior can also be configured as desired with attachments, alternative controllers and seats, or a closed cab for cold storage. In the end, the customer has a custom-fit solution for very many hours of operation.

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