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Save costs and avoid breakdowns

Fleet management for forklift trucks and warehouse technology

Due to the increasing complexity in intralogistics, we can identify and exploit more than 20% of savings potential within your fleet through our fleet management. In doing so, a continuous adaptation and improvement of your logistics processes ensures an optimal and flexible flow of goods. In addition, we analyse and evaluate the existing fleet on the basis of narrow criteria, such as actual operating times, local conditions at the various operating locations, when which vehicles are needed, in order to be able to identify key vehicles. This ultimately allows us to increase your productivity and reduce costs already incurred.


Independent of make and fleet size


Control of processes in real time


Detect failures at an early stage with intelligent software

Your advantages through our fleet management


Reduced, calculable and transparent cost management


Competent consideration of every vehicle


Time saving and best possible planning for possible vehicle replacements


Optimal exploitation of your fleet potential


Short vehicle changeover times for fleet changes


Digital preparation of the data and online access at any time

Services of our fleet management

We offer you full-service packages that are individually tailored to your fleet. This allows us to exploit your maximum fleet potential. Together with you, we select the most suitable full-service package for you.

Full-Service Classic

We take care of any maintenance that may be required on your entire fleet:

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Battery maintenance
  • Charger maintenance
  • Statutory audits

Full-Service Extended

As Full-Service Classic, plus the following additional service:

  • Extended warranty

Full-Service Premium

As Full-Service Extended, plus the following additional service:

  • Wear and tear repairs
  • optional tyre exchange
  • optional exchange of forks

We are happy to advise you

In the area of material flow, there are many challenges, but also some difficulties. To overcome these, the material flow must be planned precisely. That is why holistic management is so important.

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Oliver Stang

Digital fleet & transparent financing options

Learn more about our digital fleet management offer and our tailor-made financing concepts here.

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Digital fleet management

Digital solutions are always used where the collection, transmission, processing and analysis of relevant information in intralogistics is involved. This can be digital fleet management, for example.

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Financing concepts

Our tailor-made financing concepts – such as leasing, rental or hire purchase – ensure that your company makes the best possible use of capital and that the fleet remains state-of-the-art at the lowest possible cost.

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