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From sit-on, stand-on and walk-along industrial trucks

Driving licence for walk-along industrial truck

Accidents are not uncommon when handling pedestrian industrial trucks, such as low-lift or high-lift trucks, which is proven by accident reports received by the employers’ liability insurance associations. It is therefore necessary to instruct employees about the hazards and the correct operation of sit-on, stand-on and pedestrian industrial trucks. Since 2018, the VDI guideline 3313 also states that the operation of sit-on, stand-on and pedestrian industrial trucks should be trained. You can comply with this guideline by obtaining a driving licence for pedestrian-controlled industrial trucks.

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Increase the safety of your internal material flow

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Extensive training in theory and practice

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Driving licence for various types of vehicles

Führerschein für Mitgänger-Flurförderzeuge

Course of the training

Theory part

  • Stability
  • Accident examples
  • Correct operation
  • Daily operational test
  • Charging the battery correctly
  • Care and maintenance

Practical part

  • Instruction on the vehicle
  • Daily operational test
  • Driving exercises

Details of the driving licence for walk-along trucks

  • Participant group: Operators of sit-on, stand-on and walk-along trucks
  • Prerequisite: physical and mental fitness.
  • Minimum age 16 years
  • Group size: up to max. 10 people
  • Duration: 1 day from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm
Führerschein für Mitgänger-Flurförderzeuge
Leistungspaket Schulungen

Your service package

  • Soft drinks and coffee
  • Training documents
  • Qualified and experienced driving instructors
  • Newest technology
  • Certificate of attendance

Overview of typical sit-on, stand-on and walk-along industrial trucks

Walk-along industrial trucks

Low lift pallet truck

Staplerschein Schulungsübersichtsbild

Walk-along industrial trucks

High lift pallet truck

Schulungen Fahrzeugsübersichtsbild

Stand-on industrial trucks

Low or high lift pallet trucks

Sit-on industrial trucks

Low or high lift pallet trucks

DGUV Regulation 1 clarifies that the measures determined in state law also apply to the protection of insured persons who are not employees. This means that insured persons are basically subject to the same legal provisions. Furthermore, in DGUV Regulation 1, the BGs and the public accident insurance institutions have for the first time agreed on uniform regulations for determining the number of safety representatives. The regulation has five binding criteria on the basis of which the employer can individually determine the number of safety representatives for the respective company.

DGUV Regulation 1 has been enacted by most accident insurance institutions. At the same time, DGUV Regulation 100-001, which contains concrete explanations of the individual paragraphs of DGUV Regulation 1, was published.

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