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Forklifts and storage technology

The internal transport – and storage – of goods and commodities requires special machines that are ideally adapted exactly to the special requirements and the existing working environment. Our portfolio of forklift trucks and warehouse technology creates the best possible solution for every need. For example, transport on rough terrain or the storage of heavy goods at great heights is no problem for our vehicles. In addition to the simple forklift truck or pallet truck, we also offer many other warehouse technology devices such as narrow-aisle trucks, reach trucks, order pickers, tractor and platform trucks, route and logistics trucks, automated and heavy-duty forklifts and explosion-protected vehicles.

Breiteste Modellpalette von Intralogistikfahrzeugen

Broadest model range of intralogistics vehicles with 80 series

Alles ist möglich

Stacking, pushing, lifting, picking or pulling: Everything is possible

Wir haben sie alle

From the simple pallet truck to the heavy-duty forklift: we have them all

Our forklift truck and warehouse technology portfolio

With around 80 series, Linde Material Handling supplies the widest model range of intralogistics vehicles such as forklift trucks and warehouse technology. Based on different chassis and mast variants, battery sizes, designs and cabs as well as a wide range of special equipment, the products are configured to meet the respective application requirements. In order to be able to handle as many types of loads as possible safely and productively, we also offer a comprehensive and high-quality range of various attachments. You can find more information about the respective vehicles under the following overview:

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Diesel, LPG, natural gas or electric forklift? We offer you the right forklift truck for every application. Choose from countless equipment options and get exactly the truck you need.

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Pickers from Linde ensure fast, precise and energy-saving processes with a special design concept. At the same time, users are given the best possible relief and full support.

Stapler und Lagertechnik Übersichtsbild für Schlepper und Plattformwagen

Tractors and Platform Trailer

The tow tractors and platform trucks from Linde Material Handling ensure fast and safe transport – even in confined spaces and narrow aisles. Multiple braking systems ensure optimum safety.

Stapler und Lagertechnik Produktübersicht Hubwagen

Lift truck

Precise manoeuvring is child’s play with hand pallet trucks, low and high lift trucks, as pedestrian or passenger models. Transport and store your goods quickly and economically.

Stapler und Lagertechnik Übersichtsbild für Schmalgangstapler

Narrow-aisle truck

High handling rates and particularly safe handling processes in confined spaces. Narrow aisle stackers and vertical order pickers are designed to meet the challenges in narrow aisles.

Stapler und Lagertechnik Übersichtsbild für Routen- und Logistikzüge

Route and Logistic Trains

The logistics trains from Linde Material Handling are the ideal transport solution for optimum material flow in clocked production and deliver a reliable supply of all the items required.

Stapler und Lagertechnik Produktübersicht Schubmaststapler

Reach truck

Load handling in warehouses requires a lot of handling and manoeuvring, often in confined spaces and at high lift heights. Reach trucks from Linde are designed for precisely these conditions.

Stapler und Lagertechnik Übersichtsbild für automatisierte Fahrzeuge

Automated vehicles

Economical and safe: the autonomous vehicles in the Matic range from Linde Material Handling work completely independently with geonavigation technology and with maximum safety.

Stapler und Lagertechnik Übersichtsbild für Explosionsgeschützte Fahrzeuge

Explosion-proof Vehicles

The Ex vehicles combine the proven advantages of the series vehicles with comprehensive explosion protection measures in accordance with the ATEX directives and thus ensure safe working.

Frequently asked questions about forklift trucks and warehouse equipment

The so-called storage technology includes all products that are needed for an (internal) transport and storage of goods and commodities.
Storage technology therefore includes equipment with which material can be transported. This includes, for example, forklifts, lift trucks, reach trucks, narrow-aisle trucks, tractors and much more. Autonomous, i.e. driverless, warehouse technology equipment is also gaining more and more importance these days.
In addition to the above-mentioned vehicles, warehouse technology also includes warehouse equipment, mostly in the form of racking systems.
These mainly include pallet racks, drive-in racks, flow racks or storage platforms. In order to ensure an optimal material flow, the racking must also fit the forklift trucks and vice versa. To ensure that this works smoothly, intralogistics advice should be sought.

Industrial trucks are generally any trackless, track-bound or track-guided vehicles that are used internally for the transport of goods and commodities. These vehicles are often equipped with a function for lifting and stacking loads. Since these vehicles are mostly used as conveyors for transporting goods, they are typically used in logistics.

In contrast to “ordinary” front trucks, which get their stability mainly from a counterweight or counterbalance, reach trucks are equipped with two wheel arms at their front. The mast lies within the wheel arms and is supported by the wheels. Within these wheel arms, the lift mast can be moved forward (thrust).

The answer to this is a simple “yes”. The prerequisite for driving a forklift truck is the so-called forklift licence. This is required even if the forklift truck is only used on the company’s own premises. A simple car driving licence is not sufficient to be allowed to operate a forklift truck.
In our four in-house training centres, we have been offering training for forklift drivers for many years, in addition to many other training courses.

The Light Range models

Compact dimensions for easy and precise load handling make the Linde Light Range models ideal for confined working environments. With their low dead weight, they are the compact companions for work areas where warehouse technology with low load capacities is sufficient.
They therefore not only improve work in the logistics sector, but also ensure an ergonomic and relieved working day.

Do you have questions about our forklift trucks and warehouse technology equipment? Please contact us.

We are happy to advise you

In the area of material transport, there are many challenges, but also new opportunities. To master these, the material flow must be planned quickly and precisely. This is only possible with comprehensive advice.

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