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Fast handling in narrow rack storage areas

Reach truck

Reach trucks are compact specialists in confined spaces and great heights. A special feature of these vehicles is that the lift mast of a reach truck can be pushed forward (feed). Thanks to its special design, the reach truck also requires less counterweight than a front-mounted truck, for example.
The driver is supported by intelligent and innovative assistance systems that ensure safe and efficient operation in all applications. For example, the lifting and travel speeds are automatically adjusted to compensate for mast vibrations with pinpoint accuracy. In addition to these assistance systems, an ergonomic operator’s cab, low-maintenance components and optimum all-round visibility for the operator ensure maximum efficiency and maximum safety.


Ideal in confined spaces and for large lifting heights


Durable and efficient electric drive


Load capacities up to 2.5 t

Advantages of the Linde reach truck

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Fast and maneuverable for maximum efficiency and handling performance

Schubmaststapler Ergonomie

Ergonomic driver’s cab for satisfied and healthy employees

Schubmaststapler Sicherheit

Intelligent assistance systems for maximum safety

Numerous assistance systems help operators handle loads quickly, even at great lifting heights.

Thanks to visibility-optimized components, drivers have optimum all-round visibility. Additional equipment such as a shoulder guard reduces the risk of accidents in confined spaces.

All cab components can be individually adjusted to the respective operator. A vibration-decoupled chassis ensures fatigue-free operation.

Custom-fit solutions for the respective work requirements ensure particularly economical use of the forklifts for the respective special area, for example, with bulky loads.

Service intervals of 1,000 operating hours enable reliable use of the trucks. Low-maintenance and easily accessible components facilitate service and reduce operational interruptions.

The different drives at a glance

Blei-Säure-Batterie Schubmaststapler

Lead-acid battery

Lithium-Ionen-Batterie Schubmaststapler

Lithium-ion battery

Buy reach truck, rent or find used

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Let our experts advise you now without obligation and find the perfectly suitable reach truck for your individual application.

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Do you need a reach truck at short notice? With us you can easily rent the vehicles that suit you.

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Frequently asked questions

Reach trucks are THE compact specialists for narrow spaces and great heights. The mast of the reach truck can be pushed forward (feed).

Our reach trucks

We are happy to advise you

In the area of material transport, there are many challenges, but also new opportunities. To master these, the material flow must be planned quickly and precisely. This is only possible with comprehensive advice.

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Oliver Stang

Intelligent features for your reach truck


Shelf collision protection

The innovative shelf collision protection!
Replaces the driver’s eyes at ground level and brakes the reach truck before it collides with the rack. This assistance system relieves the driver and prevents accidents with rack columns and goods, increases safety and saves repair costs.


Multifunction lever

One tool for all functions!
The Linde multifunction lever makes operating the R10 – R25 reach trucks a breeze. Its unusual shape as a counterpart to the hand enables seamless merging of driver and vehicle, resulting in safe, easy and efficient operation.

Good reasons for reach trucks from Linde

All models are particularly economical to service thanks to low-maintenance components and long service intervals. You can choose the right truck for your requirements from a wide range of products. Depending on the model, the mast heights range up to around 14 meters and the load capacity up to 2.5 tons.

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Assistance systems

Linde reach trucks support the driver with appropriate displays and assistance systems. This makes load handling safer and more efficient at the same time.
For example, the Linde Curve Assist driving assistance system automatically adjusts the speed in curves.
Displays of load weight and lift height provide the driver with the information needed to transport and stack loads safely while working at high speeds. Automated lifting movements, such as end-position damping or a height-dependent travel speed, pay additional dividends in terms of safety and efficiency.

More visibility for more safety

An unrestricted view of the loads and the surroundings is a basic requirement for safe working with forklifts. To ensure that this is also the case in confined spaces, Linde has designed its reach trucks to optimize visibility and equipped them with appropriate aids. For example, a new mast concept has doubled the visibility area of the R14 – R17 X series trucks. An optional bulletproof glass roof allows a view through the cab roof while maintaining a high level of safety. For very unclear handling situations, there is also the option of using a mast camera.

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Work comfortably

An ergonomic workplace makes everyday work easier for forklift drivers and increases their efficiency, as they tire significantly later. To this end, Linde forklifts are designed around ergonomic requirements, starting with the lowest possible entry and a vibration-decoupled chassis through to an air-cushioned driver’s seat that adapts to the driver’s weight (R14 – R20 G series). Linde engineers have also been able to further optimize the available space in the truck through an innovative vehicle design. In addition, many controls and the seat can be adapted in a variety of ways to meet the individual needs and requirements of the driver.

Fast working games and efficient driving maneuvers

Especially with repetitive processes, seemingly small time savings become clearly noticeable. For this reason, reach trucks from Linde are equipped with adjustable steering, for example. This allows the steering resistance to be individually adjusted to the driver’s habits and the situation requirements. Dual pedal control enables quick changes of direction without having to shift feet. Safety functions, such as automatic adjustment of travel speed in curves, or auxiliary functions, such as centering of the sideshift or horizontal position of the forks, also support operators for fast work cycles.

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Schubmaststapler Hubhöhe

High up in the warehouse

Logistics space is expensive. This is why the trend towards ever higher racks in warehouses is continuing. This also increases the demand for vehicles for high lift heights.
Over the past decade, for example, the proportion of reach trucks with mast heights of over eight meters has increased significantly, and now even 13 meters are not uncommon. As lift heights increase, so do the specific demands on forklift operators, who have to deal with increased mast vibrations and limited visibility. To counter this trend and the associated challenges for drivers and reach trucks, Linde has, for example, developed Dynamic Mast Control to compensate for mast vibrations, implemented numerous visibility optimizations and integrated load displays.

We are happy to advise you

In the area of material transport, there are many challenges, but also new opportunities. To master these, the material flow must be planned quickly and precisely. This is only possible with comprehensive advice.

Mitarbeiter Oliver Stang
Oliver Stang

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