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Steer ergonomically and precisely

Linde Steer control

The Linde Steer Control enables a completely new way of operating the vehicle. This innovation replaces the steering wheel with either a mini-wheel or a joystick, which is located in an extra armrest on the left-hand side. Reduced steering movements enhance the driver’s ergonomics and, thanks to the absence of a steering column, improve the driver’s visibility and the associated safety enormously. For maximum accuracy in all situations, the sensitivity of the Linde Steer Control adjusts precisely to the current speed of the vehicle. The higher the vehicle speed, the lower the steering deflection at the wheels and vice versa.

Your advantages at a glance

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More safety through better visibility to the front


Increases ergonomics and reduces physical strain on the driver


Configurable to suit the application

Becoming familiar with the vehicle

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In the development of its forklift trucks, Linde has always focused on smooth interaction between driver and vehicle. With regard to the driver’s workplace, Linde Steer Control rounds off maximum operator comfort and minimises physical strain through reduced steering movements and a better view of the forks and surroundings. This vehicle control system is particularly attractive for heavy users who spend a large part of their working day in the driver’s cab and thus benefit from the relief and advantages of Linde Steer Control.

Tailored to your area of application


The Mini-Wheel is the standard version and thus the optimal choice for the average user. Thanks to its similarity to the steering wheel, it offers a steep learning curve for the user.

Linde Steer Control Mini-Wheel


The joystick has its strengths in special conditions of use. It offers nimble and more pronounced direction changes, which are useful when there is little space and many curves.

Linde Steer Control Joystick

A new driving experience

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The operator can concentrate 100% on his driving manoeuvres because control movements are greatly reduced.

By reducing arm movements to a minimum when manoeuvring the forklift truck, the chance of fatigue is reduced. Physical strain is also minimised, allowing the driver to concentrate on his handling performance and safety throughout the working day.

Thanks to the replaced steering wheel and the integration of the Linde Steer Control into the armrest, the driver’s arm rests in a comfortable position during the entire shift. Manoeuvring with the hand reduces the strain on the forearm, shoulder and elbow in particular.

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