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Rack Protection Sensor

The innovative shelf crash protection

Especially when storing and retrieving on the upper racking levels, the driver must focus his undivided attention on the pallet. At the same time, it is challenging to keep the distance to the racking. The result is often collisions and damage that affect the entire statics of a racking system and result in high repair costs. To avoid these risks, expensive pile-driving and upright protection devices are often fitted to racking columns, but these also suffer from collision damage over time and also fail to protect the goods stored below.
A much more efficient solution is to equip the vehicles with the Linde Rack Protection Sensor. The innovative rack protection replaces the driver’s eyes at ground level and automatically brakes the reach truck before it collides with the rack. In this way, the assistance system can prevent accidents to load-bearing rack columns and goods stored on the floor, increase safety in the warehouse and save repair costs. At the same time, the Rack Protection Sensor relieves the driver: he can fully concentrate on precise storage and retrieval, which contributes to a higher turnover rate.

The advantages of the shelf collision protection at a glance



The racking collision protection contributes to safe driving during loading manoeuvres at high lift heights.

Cost efficiency

The racking collision protection reduces collision damage and thus saves costs for protective systems on the racking and the replacement of damaged storage systems. It can be retrofitted to older models.


The special polarised light distance sensors work precisely and are highly visible even in difficult lighting conditions.


The shelf collision protection only brakes if the driving speed of the forklift is too high at the measured distance. This facilitates storage and retrieval, while the vehicle otherwise has free travel.

The functions of the shelf collision protection at a glance

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Intelligent Brake Assistant

The Rack Protection Sensor becomes active from a driving speed of less than 5 km/h. Within a radius of 5m, it detects an obstacle – be it a rack column or a pallet stored on the lower level – and measures the distance to the vehicle. If the driving speed of the truck is too high at the measured distance, the Rack Protection Sensor automatically brakes the vehicle.

Proportional braking

The Rack Protection Sensor brakes the vehicle proportionally depending on the distance to an obstacle and the current driving speed. This prevents the vehicle from coming to an abrupt stop, which could endanger the driver or the load. Nevertheless, pushing pallets with the wheel arms is possible: If the sensor detects a constant distance to the pallet, the Rack Protection Sensor does not brake.

Animation des Regalanfahrschutzes von Linde
Lasererkennung des Regalanfahrschutzes von Linde

Perfect vision thanks to polarised light

The Linde Rack Protection Sensor uses polarised light sensors for distance measurement. These sensors are characterised by their high precision even in difficult visibility conditions. Regardless of the colour of the artificial or natural light, the sensor’s red LED dot is clearly visible and provides the driver with additional orientation during demanding warehouse manoeuvres.

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