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The Scrubmaster model range

Scrubbing machines

The Scrubmaster range of scrubber dryers can be used to clean almost any job. This includes cleaning jobs such as in car dealerships, supermarkets, the food industry, care facilities, large production and industrial halls or logistics centres. The walk-behind or ride-on versions of the scrubber dryers offer convenient operation, an area output of up to 14,000 square metres per hour, an ergonomic design and an optimal view of the working environment.

Your advantages at a glance

Scrubmaster scrubber dryers easy operation

Simple operation

The 1-button operation allows the most relevant workflows to be started with just one push of a button

Scrubmaster scrubber dryers Perfect workplace

Perfect workplace

The Scrubmaster models are ergonomically designed and the control panels are clearly arranged

Scrubmasters made for tough applications

Also for tough applications

Due to their robustness, even tough applications are no problem for the Scrubmaster models.

Scrubmasters made for antibacterial equipment

Antibacterial equipment

Flawless results and more safety even in hygienically sensitive areas

We are happy to advise you

Whether it’s sweeping, vacuuming or scrubbing. Contact us today for personalised advice!

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Scrubmaster – Walk-behind and Ride-on scrubber-driers

Scrubmaster scrubber dryers as walk-behind machine

Walk-behind scrubber-driers

With an area output of more than 4,200 square metres per hour, the walk-behind models ensure economical wet cleaning of non-textile floors. The model range extends from compact machines that are compatible with luggage compartments to hygiene specialists for demanding work environments.

Ride-on scrubber-driers

With a working width of 65 to 155 cm and an area coverage of 14,000 square meters per hour, the ride-on models are perfectly suited for large hall areas or narrow aisles in High rack storage. These scrubber driers can scrub or sweep and vacuum in one operation.

Scrubmaster scrubber dryers as ride-on machine
Autonome Reinigungstechnik Übersichtsbild

Autonomous cleaning machines

Even without a driver, the autonomous cleaning machines from Hako deliver an optimal cleaning result and process the specified surfaces completely independently. These machines move safely and reliably even in complex environments. Of course, these cleaning machines can also be used as a conventional ride-on scrubber-dryer for short use in between.

Innovations for the environment and people

Scrubbing machine cleaner AntiBac

Hako AntiBac

An antibacterial coating on the tank protects the plastic and reduces the development of fungi or bacteria. This extends the service life of the tank, hygiene is noticeably improved, odour development is reduced and less disinfectant is needed for tank cleaning.

Scrubbing machine cleaner LessChem

Hako LessChem

Environmentally friendly and at the same time detergent-saving. Thanks to the Hako dosing and filling system, cleaning can be carried out more reliably without incorrect dosing due to smaller quantities.

Scrubbing machine cleaner AquaControl

Hako AquaControl

An automatic water stop when the machine comes to a standstill, as well as intelligent brushing systems, can save up to 50 % water

Scrubber dryer cleaner DaytimeCleaning

Hako DaytimeCleaning

Due to Hako’s quick-charging technology, a longer runtime at lower capacity is made possible by intermediate charging at any 230 V outlet

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