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Greater safety through simple warning signal

Linde BlueSpot

The Linde BlueSpot consists of two bright and glare-free LED lights that project a blue dot onto the floor in front of or behind a forklift truck or warehouse equipment. The optical warning signal can be adjusted to emit a constant or flashing light. In addition, the light spot is several metres ahead of the forklift truck or warehouse equipment when driving forwards or backwards and operates with low power consumption.

Your advantages at a glance

Reparatur und Wartung

Greater safety at hard-to-see corners & intersections

Frühzeitiges optisches Warnsignal

Early visual warning signal


Energy-saving, glare-free LED technology

Linde Safety Scan

Available in different lighting variants

Inconspicuous, but not to be overlooked

Linde BlueSpot warnt frühzeitig vor Gefahren

The BlueSpot is attached to the overhead guard of a truck and projects a blue warning signal onto the floor in front of or behind the vehicle while it is moving. This means the light spot is always a few metres ahead of the truck when driving forwards or backwards, giving pedestrians or other operators enough time to react.
All electrical components of the Linde BlueSpot continue to be designed for protection class IP 67 and are thus insensitive to dust and water. Even vibrations and shocks cannot harm the components.

More variants available

Linde RedSpot

The Linde RedSpot with red LED light is useful when the colour blue is already used for other notices or is not easily visible on the floor.

Linde RedSpot

Linde TruckSpot

The Linde TruckSpot projects a warning triangle with a fork taper symbol in it onto the floor, raising awareness of the issue for all pedestrians and operators.

Linde TruckSpot

Easy to retrofit

The Linde BlueSpot, Linde RedSpot and Linde TruckSpot can easily be retrofitted to existing vehicles through our service. This means that you can also have your existing vehicle fleet equipped with the visual warning signals and thus increase the safety of your employees, vehicles and goods.

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BlueSpot Nachrüstung am Fahrzeug

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