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Linde Reverse Assist camera

In confined spaces, accidents can easily occur when forklift trucks and people collide. This often happens because forklift drivers do not see the people in their immediate vicinity or notice them too late. Pedestrians often rely on being noticed in time – a dangerous mistake that can be fatal in the worst case. Statistics show that collisions between people and forklift trucks are still one of the most common types of accidents in warehouse operations. Reversing forklifts in particular pose the greatest risk.

In order to avoid such accidents with personal injury as best as possible, Linde Material Handling offers the Reverse Assist Camera. This intelligent solution is already integrated as standard in the new generation of Linde counterbalance trucks and can also be used as a retrofit solution for all other Linde trucks.

Your advantages at a glance

Effortless retrofit solution for all Linde trucks

Linde Reverse Assist Camera

Warning areas can be defined in front of and behind the vehicle

Linde IQ: Einstieg in die Digitalisierung durch automatisierte Prozesse 1

AI-based person recognition

Linde Reverse Assist Camera

Increased safety for people, machines, goods and infrastructure

Linde Reverse Assist Camera

Cost reduction through lower accident rate


At will with high-resolution touch monitor

Cleverly solved: accident protection through person recognition

Linde’s Reverse Assist Camera is an AI-based camera system that automatically detects people. The camera’s artificial intelligence identifies pedestrians near the vehicle, especially those wearing work or protective clothing. In real time, the system distinguishes between people and other obstacles and provides the forklift driver with multi-level warnings of a possible collision.

To prevent accidents, the warning function can be combined with speed reduction, which automatically slows down the vehicle when it is close to people. The detection zones and warning mechanisms can be individually adapted to the requirements of the respective vehicle and location.

All-in-one camera warning system in compact design

The Reverse Assist Camera contains fully integrated AI software that eliminates the need for additional hardware components such as portable personal transmitters or a separate control unit. Seamless protection begins from the first metre, as the system activates automatically as soon as the driver presses the ignition. The exclusive detection of people reduces unnecessary and often annoying warning messages to a minimum.

Reverse Assist Camera

Simple safety: Fully integrated or easy to retrofit

The new generation of counterbalance trucks from Linde is equipped with the Reverse Assist Camera ex works, which is fully integrated into the vehicle architecture. This means that all warnings are shown directly on the vehicle display. The camera is available as a retrofit solution for existing Linde truck series. It can be effortlessly installed on any vehicle via plug-and-play and configured for the specific application.

Safe environment: The warning zone as a loyal companion

The Reverse Assist Camera allows flexible adjustment of the detection area. Depending on requirements, distance-based warning levels can be set and automatic speed reductions can be adjusted. As soon as a person is in the camera’s warning zone, the vehicle automatically slows down. The defined warning zone always originates from the camera itself, which means that the zone moves with the movement of the vehicle.

In addition, the system is available as a Front Assist Camera to also monitor the front of the vehicle. In Linde’s new generation of counterbalance trucks, this camera is available as an integrated solution and offers two different types of speed reduction to warn the driver during both forward and reverse travel.

Suitable for everyone: Warning in different variants

Depending on preference, the camera can be used either with or without a monitor. Depending on the selected configuration, the system warns the driver in several stages using visual or acoustic signals. Regardless of the selected warning method, it is possible to expand the warning system with an optional speed reduction function.

With monitor: The version with monitor provides detailed video images of the monitored area, which are displayed on a high-resolution touch screen. Appropriate warning messages are displayed and the driver receives additional acoustic warnings.

Without monitor: In the version without monitor, the camera is equipped with an integrated loudspeaker that warns the driver acoustically of possible collisions.

Reverse Assist Camera

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