Jährliche Unterweisung

for forklift trucks, telescopic forklifts, construction machinery, cranes and working platforms

annual instruction

Annual instruction is prescribed by law and serves in particular to prevent accidents. In particular, the knowledge of applicable regulations is refreshed and partly deepened, gaps in knowledge are filled and possible risky behaviour is made clear. In addition, the fulfilment of one’s own duties is strengthened, the risk of accidents is reduced and, finally, individual operational safety is increased.

Jährliche Unterweisung Wissens Auffrischung

The Occupational Health and Safety Act and accident prevention regulations require refresher training once a year.

Jährliche Unterweisung regelmäßige Wiederholung

Refreshing the imparted knowledge through regular repetitions

kurze Schulung

Imparting all relevant information in short and intensive instruction

Who must be instructed annually?

  • Operators of industrial trucks (forklift trucks & telescopic forklift trucks)
  • Operators of overhead cranes (overhead crane) and pillar cranes as well as rail trolleys, etc.
  • Aerial work platform operators
  • Earth-moving machinery operators
  • Anyone who transports cargo and secures it
Gabelstapler Schulung
Ablauf Schulung

Annual instruction procedure

Discussion of various topics from the areas of accident prevention regulations. Concrete demonstration of accident examples and accident pictures with extensive illustrative material (videos and photos).

Your service package

  • Soft drinks and coffee
  • Training documents
  • Qualified and experienced driving instructors
  • Newest technology
  • Certificate of attendance
Leistungspaket Schulungen

Annual briefings by vehicle

Jährliche Unterweisung Staplerfahrer

For operators of forklift trucks & warehouse technology

Operators of these vehicles must complete an annual training course. In addition to a refresher course on the regulations, the course covers vehicle knowledge such as forklift construction, stability, care, maintenance and correct battery charging. In addition, new developments are discussed and accident examples from practice are analysed with our trainer.

Jährliche Unterweisung Teleskoplader

For telescopic handler operators

If you regularly operate a telescopic handler, you need annual instruction. In our instruction we refresh your memory in the legal basics and inform you about innovations in this field. In addition, course contents such as the structure and function of a telescopic forklift, stability, transport and loading are covered.

Jährliche Unterweisung Hubarbeitsbühnen

For operators of aerial work platforms

According to the law, operators of aerial work platforms must complete a training course once a year. Our trainers provide you with an update on vehicle knowledge in areas such as accident black spots and stability. In addition, you will also receive important information on technical innovations and a refresher on the applicable legal principles.

Jährliche Unterweisung Kran

For crane operators

If your crane licence was issued more than a year ago, you are obliged to attend a refresher course. During your instruction, you will learn about new developments and accident examples and refresh your knowledge of regulations and vehicle knowledge.

Jährliche Unterweisung Erdbaumaschinen

For operators of earth-moving machines

Bring your knowledge regarding construction machinery guidance up to date and fulfil the requirements according to DGUV regulation 1 § 4. Through our one-day instruction you are also on the safe side for one year.

Jährliche Unterweisung Ladungssicherung

For load securing

Our annual instruction informs you about the current status with regard to legal basics and shows you suitable tools to be able to secure your transport goods professionally.

(1) Before workers use work equipment for the first time, the employer shall provide them with sufficient and appropriate information, based on the risk assessment, in a form and language understandable to workers, about
1.existing hazards associated with the use of work equipment, including associated hazards from the working environment,

  1. necessary protective measures and codes of practice; and
    3.measures to be taken in the event of breakdowns, accidents and first aid in emergencies.

The employer shall instruct the employees on the basis of the information in accordance with sentence 1 before they start using work equipment. Thereafter, he shall provide further instruction at regular intervals, but at least once a year. The date of each instruction and the names of the persons instructed shall be recorded in writing.

(2) Before employees use work equipment for the first time, the employer shall provide them with written operating instructions for the use of the work equipment in a form and language understandable to the employees at a suitable place. Sentence 1 shall not apply to work equipment for which no instructions for use are required to be supplied in accordance with Section 3 (4) of the Product Safety Act. Instead of operating instructions, the employer may also provide instructions for use or operating instructions supplied when the work equipment is made available on the market if these contain information corresponding to operating instructions. The operating instructions shall be updated in the event of safety-relevant changes in the working conditions and shall be referred to in the regularly recurring instruction pursuant to Section 12 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

(3) If the use of work equipment is associated with particular hazards, the employer shall ensure that it is used only by employees authorised to do so.

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