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Precision, performance and environmental protection

Electric forklifts

In addition to the proven diesel forklifts and gas forklifts, we also offer a wide and extensive range of different electric forklifts for loads between 1,000 and 8,000 kg.
The precision and manoeuvrability of our electric forklift trucks in particular ensure high handling rates. Because electric forklift trucks from Linde are not only particularly economical, they also have drives of the latest generation. The entire series of Linde electric forklift trucks has a maintenance-free compact axle with two independent wheel motors, which is the perfect prerequisite for manoeuvring with millimetre precision. The driver’s cab also forms a robust protection zone and is complemented by maximum driving comfort as well as primary and secondary protection concepts.
If you want to buy a new or used forklift truck, you can rely on our comprehensive and in-depth advice.


Perfectly suited for enclosed work areas


Silent and emission-free


Innovative technology

Advantages of Linde electric forklift trucks


Quiet electric motor for manoeuvring with millimetre precision


Robust protection zone for the operator


Environmentally friendly and emission-free

The compact axle of the electric forklifts and the joystick-operated lift mast make the forklifts precise, effective and powerful.

The specially designed driver protection cell ensures optimised visibility. Furthermore, additional electronic driver assistance systems ensure a fully comprehensive safe workplace.

The electric forklifts are all controlled by an intelligent energy management system. This ensures optimal utilisation of the battery charge and high availability.

The driving compact axle forms an encapsulated and thus protected unit with maintenance-free three-phase motors and multi-disc brakes.

As a workplace, electric forklift trucks from Linde offer maximum comfort with adjustable and suspended seats and maximum ergonomics of the controls.

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Energy for every use: E100-E180

The E100-E180 electric heavy-duty trucks are the most powerful in their league, capable of lifting loads of up to 18 tonnes up to 10 metres in the air. This feature puts it on the same level as the IC engine-powered heavy lift trucks.

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The best of both worlds: X20-X35

The X20 – X35 forklifts achieve new performance dimensions in electric forklifts: they combine the dynamics, flexibility and zero emissions typical of electric forklifts with the power and robustness of V-type forklifts.

Elektrostapler Aufreihung

Exactly the right truck for your requirement

The new counterbalance truck generation that combines all drive and energy systems in one platform and enables the replacement of IC engine-powered trucks by electric trucks without any losses.

The different drives at a glance


Lead-acid battery


Lithium-ion battery


Fuel cell

Buy, rent or find used electric forklift trucks

Buy electric forklifts

An electric forklift is a good investment in the future. In addition, you make an important contribution to environmental protection and relieve your employees through less noise. Let our sales consultants inform you without obligation.

Rent electric forklifts

Do you need an electric forklift at short notice or one of your forklifts has broken down? Then simply rent one. In the largest rental park in Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Luxembourg, we are sure to find the right truck for you.

Used electric forklifts

We also have almost one hundred used electric forklift trucks for you to choose from at any time. You will find electric forklift trucks in all reconditioning standards and designs. Which have been professionally reconditioned by us.

Our electric forklift trucks

Battery service

The drive battery accounts for about 1/3 of the total electric truck cost. A fully efficient and long-lasting battery is crucial to minimise later costs. Neglected care can damage the battery, reduce travel time and accelerate discharge, requiring intermediate charges. The battery is the heart of the electric forklift truck and requires regular maintenance. Our battery service detects defects early, extends battery life, reduces downtime and prevents expensive repairs.

Intelligent charging management

The drive battery accounts for about 1/3 of the total electric truck cost. A fully efficient and long-lasting battery is crucial to minimise later costs. Neglected care can damage the battery, reduce travel time and accelerate discharge, requiring intermediate charges. The battery is the heart of the electric forklift truck and requires regular maintenance. Our battery service detects defects early, extends battery life, reduces downtime and prevents expensive repairs.

Frequently asked questions about electric forklift trucks

The cost of an electric forklift truck depends on various factors:
The higher the load capacity of the electric forklift, the more expensive it usually is. In addition, various optional extras also have an impact. You can determine the individual price for a new truck with the help of our sales consultants.

The selection of the right drive concept always depends primarily on the intended use. Diesel forklifts and gas forklifts often come out on top when it comes to maximum operating time and moving loads to great lifting heights. However, there are premises and application profiles that require completely exhaust-free operation. In addition, electric forklifts have developed so well in the past that they are an absolute alternative to forklifts with combustion engines.

Forklifts with combustion engines are usually cheaper to buy. However, the overall picture is usually different:
Maintenance, servicing and repairs are distributed significantly differently in electric forklifts. Except for the drive battery, all parts in electric forklifts require less maintenance and are less prone to repair.
On the other hand, electric forklifts need charging stations, and older models that are not yet powered by lithium-ion batteries should always have a supply of battery water. As a rule, however, the maintenance costs of an electric truck are lower.

Although electric forklifts are less maintenance-intensive, they still need to be regularly checked, serviced and sometimes repaired. Maintenance is normally due every 1,000 operating hours. The supply of spare parts is good, especially for older models.
Batteries usually need to be replaced after about 6,000 operating hours. For technical reasons, lithium-ion batteries last longer if treated well and have the advantage that intermediate charging does not cause any “damage” to the battery.

Good reasons for Linde electric forklifts

Linde E80 - Einsatz

Energy effectively managed

Electric forklift trucks from Linde feature an intelligent energy management system. It ensures that the vehicles get optimum driving performance and long availability from their drive batteries. This includes an accurate residual charge indicator, battery temperature monitoring and short charging processes. In addition, all Linde electric trucks are built in such a way that the electronic modules for controlling load handling and drive can be easily accessed and thus conveniently serviced.

Keyword compact axle

Linde’s compact axle drive integrates two powerful, maintenance-free three-phase motors with Linde’s typical double pedal control, maintenance-free oil bath multi-disc brakes and a lifting hydraulic motor. The unit, which is completely encapsulated against dust and dirt, offers active steering assistance and thus economical, safe, precise and absolutely jerk-free load handling. The compact axle not only allows high precision when moving loads, it also offers great energy efficiency.

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Elektrostapler - Innenraum

Ergonomics for fatigue-free work

Linde electric forklift trucks are designed according to ergonomic findings for fatigue-free working. This means much more than generous foot space and adjustable seats. On the electric models, for example, the control elements for load handling are integrated into the armrest for back-friendly fingertip operation.

If required, the forklift models offer rotating operator workstations that minimise strain on the spine when reversing. The double pedal control avoids shifting feet when changing direction and the operator’s cab is specially insulated against engine vibrations.

Focus on active and passive safety

Linde’s electric forklift trucks are designed for maximum safety for the driver and those around him. Driver assistance systems such as the Linde Safety Pilot warn of overloading or excessive driving speed in relation to the load being carried.
Good all-round visibility, thanks to specially nested lift masts, increases the operational safety of the vehicles, as does the Linde Protector Frame. This specially designed driver protection zone against load falls results from the stiffened connection between the cab roof and cab frame.

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Linde Elektrostapler

Vehicles made to measure

No electric forklift truck from Linde is off the peg. In addition to standard equipment, each model comes with a choice of additional features. These include not only different load fork types, driver assistance systems or special cold store equipment, but also auxiliary hydraulics with which external attachments can be operated. A swivelling seat or external LED work lights are just as much part of the optional equipment as load guards, sun visors or the Linde BlueSpot warning light.

Technology is being driven forward

In the medium term, the trend in intralogistics is towards forklift trucks with electric drives. That’s why Linde Material Handling is driving forward all innovative technologies relating to this vehicle class. This applies, for example, to battery technology, the energy efficiency of the drives and the charging cycles of Linde electric forklift trucks and pallet trucks.

But the aspects of ergonomics, active and passive safety, and sustainability in the choice of materials are also permanently present in the designs of Linde’s engineers. This also includes topics such as networked fleet management and autonomous logistics vehicles.

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