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The Linde connect:charger

Intelligent charging management

The importance of efficient load management is greater today than ever before. In modern warehouses, the majority of goods are transported with the help of electrically powered industrial trucks. Balanced utilisation and continuous readiness of all vehicles play a central role in ensuring a smooth material flow. The charging processes form the decisive basis for the availability of the electric vehicles.

However, charging several vehicles at the same time can cause unintended peak loads, which can lead to high electricity costs. With the connect:charger, Linde presents a solution in the field of charging management in which several chargers are connected via a central control unit and the charging processes are coordinated. This ensures transparency regarding the energy consumption of your devices and helps to save costs efficiently.


Clarity is achieved by recording energy consumption values and charging behaviour patterns.

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Targeted control of the charging processes and avoidance of power peaks result in reduced energy expenditure.

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Unlimited operational readiness of all electric vehicles due to optimised charging planning

Linde connect charger

Avoid load peaks by managing the loading process

Usually, most of the electric vehicles in a fleet are connected to the charging stations at the same time, for example at the end of a shift or during breaks. However, this synchronisation can lead to unexpected power consumption peaks, known as charging peaks, which in the worst case can result in significant electricity costs. In particular, companies with a high electricity demand are continuously monitored by many energy suppliers for their electricity consumption via an electricity meter. Even a single peak load that exceeds the agreed maximum limit can lead to a permanent increase in the supplier’s electricity costs. To reliably avoid such sudden cost increases, the implementation of a charging management system is essential.

The uncomplicated route to effective charging management

The connect:charger represents an innovative combination of hardware and software. Thanks to this system, you always maintain full control over the energy consumption of your vehicles and can specifically control the charging of your fleet to prevent unnecessary power peaks. Here’s how it works:

Determine charging data: The connect:charger combines hardware and software in an innovative way. Through this system, you continuously maintain comprehensive control over the energy consumption of your vehicles and can specifically control the charging of your fleet to prevent excessive power consumption peaks.

Analyse energy consumption: The transmitted data is processed by the software and presented to the user in a clear dashboard. At a glance, it becomes clear which amounts of energy were used during the day and when each charger was in operation.

Preventing peak loads: After the data has been processed by the software, it is presented to the user in a clear dashboard. At a glance, it is clear what amounts of energy were used during the day and at what times each charger was active.

Linde connect charger


The hardware component of the connect:charger is installed in the load compartment and records data on the energy consumption and charging behaviour of the connected chargers. This information is transmitted to the software and displayed in the dashboard. There are two options to choose from when installing the hardware: You can either use a wireless connection or establish a cable connection. With the wireless connection, up to twelve chargers can be connected to the central control unit. With a cable connection, even up to 50 chargers are possible.

Management Software

In addition to the visualisation of the charging information, the software also enables the control of the chargers. Load balancing allows the charging behaviour and energy consumption of the vehicle fleet to be displayed transparently and regulated in a targeted manner. In this way, you prevent unnecessary expenditure and optimise your charging management for maximum efficiency. Adjusting the charging limits is possible with just a few clicks and is so uncomplicated that you can do it at any time without the help of a service expert.

Linde Connect Charger

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