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Inspections, maintenance, repairs and much more

Service for forklift trucks and storage technology

Jungbluth Stapler-Service stands for reliability and diversity. This is exactly what we stand for with five service locations in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland as well as a dense network of service technicians. More than 100 highly qualified service technicians are on duty for you every day to provide you with an individual and flexible service with short response times. We avoid expensive downtimes and, in the event of service, ensure that your Linde forklift trucks and warehouse technology are quickly back in perfect working order. In addition, the make of forklift truck is irrelevant to us. You can take advantage of our wide range of services depending on your needs. You can also conveniently conclude an individual full-service contract tailored to your needs.

Your advantages

Forklift service

Dense service network

Forklift service

Highly qualified service technicians and service consultants

Forklift service

Fast and effective order processing

Forklift service

Tailor-made service and
full-service models

Forklift service

Linde Forklift Service as well as for all other brands

Forklift service

Own spare parts warehouse

Our services at a glance

Maintenance - Contribution image


Our service technicians maintain your vehicles inexpensively and with great care. Even in the event of damage, we repair your forklift trucks and warehouse equipment quickly and professionally.

Repair - contribution image


Our repair service is always there for you quickly in the event of a defect or damage and guarantees a speedy and high-quality repair of your forklift trucks and warehouse technology.

Exams - Contribution image


As an operator of storage technology and forklift trucks, you are obliged to comply with regulations.
Don’t worry, we will be happy to monitor and carry out all the prescribed inspections for you.

Air conditioning service - Contribution picture


Our mobile air conditioning service for forklift trucks and warehouse technology ensures clean and fresh air. Our mobile air conditioning service takes care of maintenance and repair, as well as other services.

Tyre service - contribution picture


With our tyre service, your forklift truck will be fully operational again in no time. Since we deliver your new tyres on an exchange rim, the finished complete wheel only needs to be mounted.

Service for forklift trucks and warehouse technology


Due to the increasing complexity in intralogistics, we can identify and exploit more than 20% of savings potential within your fleet through our fleet management.

Weiteres Interesse Stapler Ersatzteile

Spare parts for forklift trucks

We offer you absolute reliability for every forklift truck and warehouse technology spare part

Weiteres Interesse Schulungen


This new generation of autonomous work equipment performs repetitive handling processes independently and reliably.

Battery service


With our battery service for forklift trucks and warehouse technology for a long service life and full performance.

Weiteres Interesse Sicherheit


For drivers and the protection of goods and vehicles, we offer a wide range of safety and driving assistance systems.

Service for automated & system vehicles


We are also there for you with our experienced service as part of your intralogistics solution.

Energy management


With our comprehensive energy management as well as our battery and charger service, your electric forklift trucks or warehouse equipment won’t run out of steam anytime soon.

Our emergency service

Service 1

Für Notfälle außerhalb unserer regulären Geschäftszeiten (sowie an gesetzlichen Feiertagen) bieten wir Ihnen einen 24/7 Notdienst-Service an.
Damit Ihre Gabelstapler und Lagertechnik Fahrzeuge auch immer dann zu Ihrer Verfügung stehen, wenn Sie diese benötigen!

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Forklift trucks and storage technology

Forklifts, pallet trucks, reach trucks, order pickers, tractors, tugger trains, logistics trains, automated vehicles and more.

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Rack systems

Whether classic pallet racking or cantilever racking, shelving or tyre racking. Store goods quickly and efficiently.

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This new generation of autonomous work equipment performs repetitive handling processes independently and reliably.