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In the world of intralogistics, regular movements of goods between indoor and outdoor areas, different halls and even within the same hall are unavoidable. To optimise this material flow, professionals often rely on high-speed doors. These doors are characterised by their fast opening and closing speeds, which results in minimal waiting times. At the same time, these closed door systems help maintain constant temperatures in production and logistics halls. They protect employees from draughts, prevent birds from entering and prevent soiling.

However, incidents do occasionally occur at the gates, often involving industrial trucks. A common scenario is collisions where the high-speed door is not yet fully open during passage. Usually, the damage is limited to material losses, but the cost of repairs to gates, forklifts and goods can be significant.

Your advantages at a glance

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Minimised accident risk due to warning function and reduced speed

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Prevention of collisions with consequential costs for repairs to forklifts and gates

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Smooth logistics processes, lower energy consumption thanks to precise opening and closing of gates

Reduce costs, increase safety

Put an end to costly incidents! Wherever high-speed doors are used in production plants and goods distribution centres, Linde Material Handling offers users the Door Control module from the innovative assistance system Linde Safety Guard. The advanced door control enables continuous communication between industrial trucks and your infrastructure. This allows for an on-demand reduction in the approach speed of forklift trucks. As a result, the safety of gate passages increases and expensive repairs due to collisions are avoided. In addition, the gates enable faster closing, which minimises energy losses and provides additional cost savings.

Intelligent door control

Using high-frequency radio waves, the forklift communicates with the building infrastructure. When a forklift approaches a high-speed door, the driving speed is gradually reduced while the door is automatically opened. This is done by precise measurements of the system, which determines the space between the permanently installed units on the forklift and the gate to within ten centimetres. After passing through, the gate closes automatically and the driver can continue his journey at normal speed.

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Linde Door Control für einzelne Tore Grafik

For individual doors: Door Control Circle

For single gates, the “Circle” module offers the possibility to set up a circular safety zone around the gate. When a forklift truck approaches this zone and reaches the yellow zone, the speed is automatically reduced. When the forklift reaches the red zone directly in front of the gate, the speed is reduced again. Both the zones and the associated speeds can be individually adjusted. Simultaneously, the system sends a signal to the gate to open it. Once the gate is open, the red zone is deactivated and the truck can accelerate back to the speed of the yellow zone to drive through the gate. When it leaves the yellow zone, it can immediately accelerate back to its normal travel speed.

Linde Door Control für mehrere Tore Grafik

For multiple doors: Door Control Rectangular

The “Rectangular” solution from Linde Door Control is used for adjacent doors. This ensures that only the directly controlled high-speed door is opened, while the other nearby doors remain closed. The speed reduction of the truck follows the same gradual principle as with the “Circular” variant. Both options can be supplemented with an optional warning projector. This is used to warn pedestrians crossing the doorway on the other side. The warning is synchronised with the gate control so that pedestrians can stop or leave the passage in time.

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