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More turnover with little physical effort

Vertical order picker

Linde offers a wide range of vertical order pickers for different rack levels, aisle widths and picking methods. The maximum pick height of the V model, for example, is twelve meters. For each level, Linde has developed special design elements that simplify the process around picking goods – from the layout of the operator station and controls to the fold-out cabin parapet.

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Gripping height of up to twelve meters

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Specially developed design elements for every application

Advantages of Linde vertical order pickers


Ergonomic workplace, which prevents fatigue and damage to health


Maximum picking performance due to fast lifting and travel speeds

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Consideration for your individual use with the help of modular design

Our vertical order pickers

Good reasons for a Linde vertical order picker

At what height are the goods? How big and heavy are they? And what picking frequency must the operator achieve? Every user answers these questions differently. That’s why Linde develops completely individual order pickers based on a modular system – for example, with different mast heights, work platforms, chassis sizes, operating and control concepts. In the end, the vehicle fits the task perfectly and makes every move easier.



Sophisticated functions increase the safety of Linde vertical order pickers. For example, the unit can only be moved if a level dead man’s switch in the footwell is actuated and both hands touch the sensors of the operating unit.
From a platform height of 1,200 mm, the electrically monitored side barriers must also be closed. Additional programmable travel, lift and lowering stops prevent collisions with ceilings or walls. The mast is designed to ensure good visibility for the operator.


The large cabin, an ergonomic control panel and a soft mat on the platform floor absorb vibrations and also prevent fatigue.
For a safe stand during picking, the edge of the cabin floor has a solid base. The picking process is facilitated by a low parapet, and optionally by outward tilting side barriers.

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Despite low energy consumption, the three-phase AC motors of the Linde vertical order pickers achieve high lifting and travel speeds. This means that lifting heights of up to twelve meters are also achieved quickly – and with a high residual load capacity.
Precise electric steering means that the vehicle can still be moved easily and quickly.


The Linde vertical order pickers have been designed to be service-friendly. All important components are easily accessible behind a panel, the vehicle data can be easily read out via a CAN bus interface, and the motors are encapsulated and thus protected from dust and dirt.

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We are happy to advise you

There are many challenges in the area of material flow, but also new opportunities. To master these, the material flow must be planned quickly and precisely. This is only possible with holistic advice. Talk to us!

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