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Warning belt for pedestrians to maximise safety

Bodyguard 2.0

Linde Material Handling is expanding its groundbreaking Safety Guard system to include the pedestrian warning belt. This innovative belt serves to warn not only forklift drivers but also pedestrians in dangerous situations at an early stage. Equipped with intelligent light signals, vibrations and acoustic warnings, the warning belt sensitises its wearer to potential risks, thereby ensuring unsurpassed safety both indoors and outdoors.

Protects people, goods and infrastructure from collision damage

Reduced downtime for man and machine through accident prevention

Cost savings through reduced downtime and prevented collisions

Intralogistics places the highest safety demands on employees, especially when they interact with industrial trucks. Warehouses, production facilities and outdoor areas can be noisy, hectic and confusing. High racks, narrow aisles, stacked goods and poorly visible intersections make it difficult for both pedestrians and forklift drivers to see their surroundings. The figures speak for themselves: in 2021, there were 15,322 forklift accidents in Germany involving personal injury, 15 of which were tragically fatal. It is therefore crucial to be seen and to have a good view of your surroundings.

To increase safety in such challenging situations, Linde Material Handling has developed the pedestrian warning belt. This innovative garment warns the person wearing it visually, acoustically and through vibrations as soon as an industrial truck approaches. In this way, the belt offers double safety: it actively informs the pedestrian of the impending danger and at the same time improves the pedestrian’s visibility for the forklift drivers. The pedestrian warning belt is thus an extremely important extension of the Safety Guard system. This represents a significant step towards improving safety in the intralogistics industry.

Bodyguard 2.0

Linde Safety Guard: Always in the green

The Linde Safety Guard represents a pioneering assistance system that takes driver and pedestrian safety to a new level. In doing so, it not only protects people, but also helps to preserve infrastructure and goods by actively warning of and monitoring for collision damage. Vehicle units located in the industrial trucks ensure that drivers are alerted acoustically and by flashing LEDs to hazards in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle. The LED display also shows the drivers from which direction people are approaching the danger zone. At the same time, a warning is given to pedestrians: both the Safety Guard wearable unit, which has been available for some time, and the newly developed pedestrian warning belt communicate with the vehicle unit. They alert their wearers to the approaching vehicle by means of sounds, flashing LEDs or vibrations, thus increasing the attention of all involved. Thanks to the Linde Safety Guard, the safety of everyone involved in the operation is ensured and efficient protection against potential hazards is provided.

Comfortable and safe to wear

The pedestrian warning belt is available in two different sizes and is characterised by its excellent fit, which ensures that it does not catch on equipment, shelves or other objects during work. The cut of the belt ensures optimal freedom of movement. The belt’s warning device is located at collarbone level so that the wearer feels the vibration alarm most effectively. At the same time, the acoustic warning signal sounds directly near the ear. Both the warning signal and the vibration can be individually adjusted to the working environment. This makes the pedestrian warning belt both safe and comfortable to wear.

Bodyguard 2.0
Bodyguard 2.0

Uncomplicated and pleasant operation

The pedestrian warning belt is easy and intuitive to use. A start sound indicates that the belt has been activated. If the battery is empty or removed, a sign-off signal sounds. A status LED informs the wearer at all times about the operating status of the signal transmitter, and a display on the battery informs about the current charge status. If the pedestrian warning belt is taken off, the acceleration sensor automatically switches the belt off.

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