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Product diversity: There is no “can’t” with us!

Logistik Xtra offers a wide range of products and services from the materials handling sector and combines them with accessories from the workshop and warehouse sector. Browse the latest catalogue now or secure great offers in the online shop!

Logistik Xtra offers you an extremely wide range of products, services and accessories for the industrial truck sector. This makes us the right contact for all practitioners of floor conveyor technology, from management to warehouse and workshop management to purchasers, safety officers and forklift drivers. With over a thousand products and services for the materials handling sector, we ensure greater safety, better work processes, optimised flows of goods, more efficiency and greater cost-effectiveness. We carry the following products and services and adapt them exactly to your circumstances if required:

  • Safety/environment: collision protection, batteries, loading bays and accessories, area protection, first aid, driver assistance systems, fork coating, gas cylinders and gas cylinder storage, load securing, hazardous goods storage, camera systems, protection systems, forklift accessories.
  • Warehouse world: pallet trucks and hand stackers, transport trolleys, transport containers and transport accessories, shelves and shelving accessories, attachments, work platforms and work baskets, cranes and crane systems, warehouses, stackers.
  • The Logistics Xtra special construction: attachments, handicapped-accessible conversions, explosion protection, driver’s station, complete solutions, safety, ramming to fire protection, couplings and transport solutions, additional equipment, brackets and accessories.

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