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Maintenance for forklift trucks & warehouse technology

Your forklift trucks and warehouse equipment need to be available at all times. With our services consisting of repair and maintenance, we help to ensure that your equipment is fully operational exactly when you need it. Our highly qualified service technicians ensure compliance with the prescribed service intervals and carry out maintenance and repairs quickly and reliably. Regular maintenance reduces your operating costs and increases the resale value of your equipment.

Good reasons for regular maintenance

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Transparent cost control

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Extensive know-how of our service technicians through high-quality and continuous in-depth training and further education

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Operational safety for your driving personnel and avoidance of costly consequential damage through early detection

The scope of maintenance differs according to the type, series, application and number of operating hours.
However, the maintenance intervals of a forklift truck basically depend on the number of operating hours. From a few operating hours a week to continuous or shift work around the clock. You can find out which maintenance interval is due at which time in the operating manual of the vehicle or conveniently on the display of your forklift truck.

Similar to a car, the forklift truck is exposed to natural wear and tear through use. In addition, there are different loads, ground conditions and environmental influences.

When you buy a Linde forklift truck or warehouse truck, you are not only opting for maximum efficiency, driving comfort and innovation, but also for ideal service and extensive support. Thanks to countless training courses and further education, our service technicians know your truck like no other. With the help of our well-equipped service vehicles and our comprehensive service network, we ensure a worry-free and long service life for your forklift.

Advantages of manufacturer maintenance at a glance

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  • Maximum availability and performance of the vehicles
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Early detection of incipient damage
  • Consistent minimisation of security risks
  • Safe exclusion of unnecessary repairs and consequential damage
  • Plannable and transparent costs for maintenance and service
  • Secure compliance with the warranty conditions
  • Guaranteed conformity with legal regulations
  • Reliable service documentation
  • Significant increase in the resale value of the vehicles

Excerpt from the operating instructions:

“Your truck will only remain in good working order at all times if the few inspection and maintenance tasks are carried out regularly in accordance with the instructions in the operating manual. Maintenance should only be carried out by qualified persons authorised by the manufacturer.”

Excerpt from the operating instructions

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