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Precise and fast handling with the linde multifunction lever

In high-bay warehouses, logistics centers and cold stores, forklifts are required that can reach the highest heights in the tightest spaces. The R10 – R25 reach trucks from Linde were developed precisely for these requirements. As maneuverable special-purpose trucks, they achieve enormous handling performance when storing and retrieving pallets in racking levels of up to 13.4 meters. Under these demanding conditions, the driver in particular is under pressure to move an increasing volume of goods safely, precisely and quickly. The key to maximum productivity is perfect interaction between man and machine. Linde has developed a new interface for this purpose: the multifunction lever.

The advantages of the Linde multifunction lever at a glance



The shape of the Linde multifunction lever is based on the human hand and enables comfortable working.


The intuitive accessibility of all central functions in one control unit contributes to high handling performance.


Easy, small control movements in a comfortable body posture prevent fatigue and accidents.


The Linde multifunction lever responds to the finest control movements with the fingertips and helps with millimeter-precise storage and retrieval.

Multifunktionshebel von oben

Ein Tool für alle Funktionen

Mit dem Linde Multifunktionshebel wird die Bedienung der Schubmaststapler R10 – R25 zur Leichtigkeit. Seine außergewöhnliche Form als Gegenstück zur Hand ermöglicht einen nahtlosen Zusammenschluss von Fahrer und Fahrzeug und dadurch eine sichere, leichte und effiziente Arbeitsweise.

Multifunktionshebel Ansicht

Nach dem Vorbild der menschlichen Hand

Die Hand ist für viele alltägliche Aktivitäten unersetzbar und daher besonders schützenswert. Sie bei der Arbeit zu entlasten, hatte bei der Entwicklung des Multifunktionshebels höchste Priorität. Gemeinsam mit dem Fraunhofer IAO hat Linde ein ergonomisches Modell entworfen, an dem sich alle Fingerglieder und Bereiche der Handfläche bewegen lassen. Auf Basis dieser Studie wurde die einzigartige Form des Human Machine Interfaces mit Porsche Design entwickelt und auf maximale Ergonomie und einfache, schnelle Bedienung optimiert.

The shape of the Linde multifunction lever is precisely adapted to the human anatomy. As a result, the driver’s hand rests on the control lever in its natural, relaxed position, creating an almost organic connection between the driver and the vehicle. Linde has placed particular emphasis on the precision fit for hands of all sizes. This means that both small and larger drivers can work comfortably and without fatigue.

  • Joystick as an anatomically exact counterpart to the hand
  • Relaxed work with comfortable posture
  • Optimized for all hand sizes

The Linde multifunction lever enables all central control functions of the reach trucks of the 1120 series with one hand. The feed, reverse feed, lift and lower functions can be operated in all four directions with the complete hand. This intuitive arrangement allows the operator to devote one hundred percent of his attention to the load and achieve higher handling speeds. A unique feature is the integrated sideshift centering and horizontal position of the forks. Both can be controlled on two wheels with the smallest movements of the index and middle fingers. This facilitates load handling, as the forks can be centered with the second wheels before they are moved into or out of storage. This gives the operator the maximum adjustment travel of the forks to make corrections. The multifunction lever is available in two different versions: with and without control of the direction of travel. It is also designed for use in cold stores and can be used in sub-zero temperatures down to -30°C.

  • All central control functions in one unit
  • Integrated sideshift control and horizontal position of the fork
  • Designed for cold storage use

The risk of fatigue is high during continuous transport and stacking work. Linde counteracts this with the new multifunction lever, which relaxes and relieves the driver thanks to its ergonomic shape. Control with the fingertips allows pallets to be transported and stacked with the smallest of movements without exerting force. The forearm rests comfortably on an armrest, which provides the necessary rest during demanding storage and retrieval operations. As a result, the control contributes to precise, safe maneuvers and helps prevent accidents.

  • Fatigue-free work due to ergonomic shape
  • Control without effort
  • Work safety through relief of the driver

Thanks to the armrest, all control movements are made from the wrist and do not place unnecessary strain on the forearm. This makes it easy to move pallets with millimeter precision even at high lift heights – and without the need for eye contact with the control lever. The operating philosophy is designed to be so intuitive that no second glance is required to check whether the hand is in the correct position.

  • Arm rest for smooth, precise movements
  • Focus on load for millimeter-precise dimensional work

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