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Economic material flow for every requirement

Route and logistics trains

Modern industrial production depends on optimally coordinated processes. The flow of materials in production has thus become a decisive economic factor. With the LT08 – LT20 route and logistics hoists, Linde Material Handling offers solutions tailored to specific customer requirements to make synchronised material transports over longer distances in the company as efficient and flexible as possible. The route and logistics trains complement Linde’s portfolio of forklift and warehouse technology models and consist of tractors, each of which is combined with different trailer modules. They can be loaded with up to 2,000 kilograms per trailer module. Their use is worthwhile for internal transport distances of 150 metres or more.


Time-saving mass transport


Side parking, manoeuvring and short reversing manoeuvres


Various combinations possible

Advantages of Linde route and logistics trains

Routen- und Logistikzüge Tragfähigkeit

Up to 2,000 kg per trailer module

Routen- und Logistikzüge Umschlag

Quick and easy loading and unloading

Routen- und Logistikzüge Wirtschaftlichkeit

Economical use from as little as 150 metres

The Linde logistics trains work economically because they can each pick up and move large quantities of material. This makes them ideal for use in clocked production.

The start-up lock on Linde logistics trains ensures safety. The trains cannot be moved until all load frames in the trailer modules are raised.

With up to 8,000 kilograms, the logistics trains move a lot of material per operation. This makes them a particularly economical variant in intralogistics.

Linde’s logistics hoists are also optionally available with suspension and a gentle lifting mechanism. This allows them to transport loads gently through the company.

As a workplace, Linde’s logistics trailers offer maximum comfort. The lifting mechanisms of the various trailers can each be operated with a foot sensor.

Our route and logistics trains

Good reasons for Linde route and logistics trains

The key advantages of the Linde logistics trailers are their fast and precise handling and the flexibility with which the trailer modules can be quickly adapted to all types of goods transported in the company. Both can be used in the smallest of spaces with a minimal turning circle. All of Linde’s logistics trains work with versatile loading frames, some of them with lockable trolleys for the goods to be transported, which are raised by a lifting mechanism for transport and lowered again for unloading. This makes material transport with Linde logistics hoists effective, convenient and time-saving.

Routen- und Logistikzüge

Flexible composition

The different and freely combinable trailers can quickly and easily transport all goods or container dimensions that are typically used in a company. They can be loaded with different roll racks, which are optionally available with locks.

Safety and ergonomics

The entire train is secured by a starting lock and cannot start moving unless all load frames are raised. The tow tractors have a driving assistant that automatically reduces the speed when cornering. All trailer modules of the Linde logistics trains are connected to each other and to the tractor via data cables. The driver can thus centrally operate the lifting function for all trailers from the driver’s cab. He is shown at a glance whether all load frames have been lifted for transport. However, each individual load frame can also be conveniently operated individually on the respective trailer by foot sensor. During the journey, the lifting function is deactivated and the load is electronically monitored so that dangers are actively avoided. All physical activities of the driver and operator are ergonomically optimised.

Routen- und Logistikzüge Sicherheit
Routen- und Logistikzüge Präzise

Precise control and easy handling

In order to be able to control the logistics trains as precisely as possible, the trailers are each equipped with four steerable wheels. This allows extremely small turning circles to be driven, for example in narrow spaces between production lines, even with four trailers. The wheels of the trailer modules of the Linde logistics trains, which are also available in a sprung version, are attached to technologically sophisticated tipping axles. This ensures that the loads are transported as gently as possible. A special trailer with a bridge frame allows the goods to be unloaded or loaded from both sides. All trailers have a precise and quiet lifting mechanism with which the moving load is lifted shock-free for transport. The lifting height can be flexibly adjusted.

Future built in

The future is already built into Linde’s logistics trains. In digitally controlled production processes, the demands on the precision and punctuality of material logistics continue to rise. Networked logistics concepts are in demand, in which machines, goods and transport systems communicate with each other to transport goods as efficiently as possible. The next step is logistics trains that move autonomously through plant halls and are controlled centrally via a powerful fleet management system. Linde’s logistics trains are already equipped with powerful sensors, actuators and controls, which can be used as a basis for implementing appropriate solutions.

Routen- und Logistikzüge Zukunft

We are happy to advise you

There are many challenges in the area of material flow, but also new opportunities. To master these, the material flow must be planned quickly and precisely. This is only possible with holistic advice. Talk to us!

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