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Order picking made easy

Horizontal order picker

The horizontal order pickers from Linde score points due to their intelligent design, safety and optimal adaptation to the individual needs of order picking. The new N20 C series complements the typical Linde order picker with the “classic” order picker with battery in front of the user.

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Simple and fast picking

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Multiple control options such as via steering wheel or alongside the vehicle in pedestrian mode

Advantages of horizontal order pickers from Linde


Ergonomic workplace which prevents fatigue and health problems


Maximum picking performance due to high lifting and travel speeds

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Coordination to your individual application with the help of the modular design

Our horizontal order pickers

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The semi-automated option

Automatically more efficient

Good reasons for a Linde horizontal order picker

Manual picking is a small-step and time-consuming process: moving to the right product, constantly getting in and out, loading the products onto the pallet and moving on to the next shelf. If you pick without concentration under such conditions, you are more likely to make mistakes. The wrong product on the wrong pallet or an unnecessary route consumes resources. Ultimately, this can cost the company a lot of money. It is therefore important to adapt the vehicle to the work steps and the needs of the operator to ensure the smoothest possible picking cycle.

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The N20 C series is designed to meet these requirements and, above all, offers a high level of comfort for operators: All models are equipped with numerous ergonomic components that make the operator’s work easier and keep him fatigue-free until the end of the working day. For example, our order pickers offer the option of raising the pallets to a back-friendly height during loading. Some models also have a liftable operator’s platform. Extensive safety systems are precisely adapted to warehouse situations and provide additional protection for the driver, goods and pedestrians. All models in this series can be easily integrated into existing fleets, ensuring efficient material flow overall.

Safely through the warehouse

Especially in hectic warehouse environments, Linde’s comprehensive safety systems ensure better protection for drivers, pedestrians and goods. Glare-free LED headlights at the front of the order picking truck improve the driver’s visibility. Additionally, trucks can be equipped with the Linde Bluespot. An LED light projects a blue dot onto the ground several meters in front of the vehicle. The visual warning signal enables pedestrians to notice an approaching vehicle early on, even in noisy warehouse environments and at rack crossings. The optional panoramic mirror also provides an improved view of the goods.

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Ergonomics for full use

At the beginning of his shift, the operator adjusts the steering wheel and the backrest of the order picking truck to the optimum height for him. Those who do not want to stand on longer trips fold out the built-in drawer in the backrest and use it as a seat. A padded compartment at knee height provides protection against impacts. A clipboard, pen and water bottle can also be safely stowed in the operator’s station, allowing the operator to comfortably set up as desired. The user-friendly interface of the multifunction display uses simple color icons to provide information on the time of the last service check, the current speed and the battery charge level.

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