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Tyre sales, tyre changes, regrooving, pressing, rim preparation and much more.

Forklift tyre service

Forklifts are typically used on a wide variety of surfaces. These include, for example, a level hall floor, a company site with one or two potholes, impassable hilly terrain, gravel sites or even operations in the snow. Of course, the right tyres for the forklift play a decisive role. That’s why our tyre service covers all services related to the tyres and rims of your forklift truck.

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Tyre selection tailored to your application

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Changing the tyres on your forklift trucks

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Regrooving, painting – we take care of all tasks around your tyre

Good reasons for the Jungbluth tyre service

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Minimised service life due to our prefabricated and pressed tyres on replacement rims

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Individual appointment on customer request

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Disposal of used tyres by us

More than just a wheel change

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We take care of your forklift tyre change!
Our tyre experts quickly mount your new tyres at your site and dispose of the old tyres. With our tyre press, we can press the new tyre onto the old rim in the shortest possible time. So you don’t have to worry about anything when changing the forklift tyres!

Our service around your forklift tyres

Tyre service - Wechsel

Our tyre experts will quickly mount your new tyres on your premises and take care of the disposal of the old tyres. They are well equipped to do this and thus enable a tyre change within the shortest possible time. This means that your forklift truck is quickly ready for use again.

Not only a visual eye-catcher, but also important for the “durability” of the rim – we professionally prepare your rims and repaint them. Cracks or impact damage are detected during an inspection. The forklift rims are then washed, sanded and painted in the colour of your choice.

Tyre service - Felgenaufbereitung
Tyre service - Nachschneiden

Save money, raw materials and fuel by regrooving your forklift tyre. Regrooving forklift tyres is an efficient way to easily increase their mileage. We are professionals in all aspects of forklift tyres and will regroove your tyres quickly and routinely.

Disposing of your old forklift tyres doesn’t have to be your problem – we’ll take care of it!

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Tyre service richtiger Reifen

How the surface determines the tyre

It is very important to choose the right tyre for the forklift truck. Besides safety aspects, there are, among other things, various differences in driving comfort, traction, suspension, durability and, finally, price. Forklift tyres for (smooth or flat) indoor floors must therefore differ from tyres for off-road use. The uneven, often dirty and also frequently wet terrain requires a forklift tyre with a larger tread and suspension, whereby even large loads can be moved safely off-road thanks to traction. Pneumatic tyres are therefore often used here.

Solid rubber versus pneumatic tyres

Solid rubber tyres or super-elastic tyres are often used for indoor forklifts because they are more resistant than pneumatic tyres and are still suitable for smooth surfaces.
However, they are less resistant to impact, which is usually not a problem indoors. However, solid rubber tyres are not recommended for high speeds, which is why pneumatic tyres should be used for diesel forklift trucks above 25 km/h.

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We are happy to advise you

There are many challenges in the area of material flow, but also new opportunities. To master these, the material flow must be planned quickly and precisely. This is only possible with holistic advice. Talk to us!

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