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Forklift training for beginners and advanced in theory and practice

Get your forklift licence

In our two-day forklift licence training, we teach you all the necessary basics for the safe and independent operation of a forklift. On the first day, the theoretical part of obtaining a forklift licence is covered and finally documented in an examination.
On the following second day of the training, the practical part is practised and deepened using various forklift trucks with different training situations and finally approved by a driving test.
If you already have practical experience in handling forklift trucks , you can also take part in our shortened one-day course for experienced forklift truck drivers and save yourself the practical exercises. This way you can also get your forklift licence in just one day.

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Experienced and highly qualified team of trainers

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Drinks, lunch and snacks will be provided

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Strong practical orientation ensures easy understanding

The course of a forklift licence training

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First day, theoretical part

  • Legal basis
  • Physical basics
  • Drive mode
  • Load procedure
  • Regular examinations
  • Rescue from dangerous situations
  • Final written examination

Second day, practical part

  • Daily operational check of the forklift truck
  • Driving exercises with various forklift trucks in different training situations
  • Final practical driving test
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Staplerschein Leistungen für Teilnehmer

Your service package at a glance

  • Refreshments and coffee throughout the duration of the training
  • Hot lunch
  • Extensive training material
  • Highly qualified and experienced trainers
  • Latest technology and training with various Linde forklift trucks
  • Certificate of participation in the form of a driving licence if the examination is passed

Advantages of the forklift licence at Jungbluth

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CaterCatering in the form of drinks, lunch and snacks is includeding in the form of drinks, lunch and snacks is included

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Different models with the many training exercisesExperienced and highly qualified trainers from the fiel

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Meals in the form of drinks, lunches and snacks are included.

The cost of the forklift licence ranges from € 234.40 for people with driving experience to € 267,60 for novice drivers (plus VAT).

Anyone who is to drive an industrial truck within the company (a concrete definition of what an industrial truck is can be found in DGUV Regulation 68 §2).

The Employer’s Liability Insurance Associations (Berufsgenossenschaften) require their members to qualify, i.e. train, those employees who are to operate an industrial truck in accordance with the accident prevention regulation DGUV Regulation 68 §7.
Furthermore, the Occupational Health and Safety Act requires “instruction” in §12, which is to be equated with training.

  • You must be 18 years old
  • be physically and mentally suitable and fit
  • Successfully complete a corresponding training course in theory and practice
  • In-company training. In the form of a device-related part on site and familiarity with the operational conditions.
  • A car driver’s licence is not required for in-house use.

All industrial trucks as defined in DGUV Regulation 68 §2, which are used internally, are motor-driven and also have an operator’s seat or operator’s platform.
For example, a construction machine, a crane or a lifting work platform is by definition not an industrial truck. Therefore, these devices require different training.

Nein, die Grundausbildung nach DGUV Grundsatz 308-001 Stufe 1 beinhaltet vorrangig Frontstapler, d.h. für gewisse FlurfNo, the basic training according to DGUV Principle 308-001 Level 1 primarily includes front forklifts, i.e. for certain industrial trucks this principle requires additional training after Level 2. These include: Container stackers, narrow aisle stackers, shelf stackers, sideloaders, telescopic stackers, etc.derzeuge schreibt dieser Grundsatz nach Stufe 2 eine Zusatzausbildung vor. Darunter fallen unter anderem: Containerstapler, Schmalgangstapler, Regalflurförderzeuge, Seitenstapler, Teleskopstapler u.a.

The forklift licence is also often referred to as follows:

  • Driving licence for industrial trucks
  • Forklift licence
  • Industrial truck certificate of competence
  • Certificate of competence to drive industrial trucks
  • Certificate of competence to drive forklift trucks
  • Certificate of competence to drive forklift trucks
  • Industrial trucks licence
  • Industrial truck pass

Suitable training for your forklift licence

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Bei der Verladung von Waren und Gütern, ist nicht nur jeder Fahrer für die Sicherung der Ladung verantwortlich, sondern zudem auch alle weiteren Beteiligten wie z.B. Verlade- und Abteilungsleiter sowie Umschlagsplatzmeister.

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