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Linde motion detection

Linde Motion Detection makes it easy to detect movements behind the stationary vehicle. This makes it easy to prevent accidents with other vehicles or people in the danger zone, resulting in all-round safe goods handling. Minimise downtime due to accidents or similar and increase your productivity while protecting employees, vehicles and goods.

The advantages at a glance

Linde Motion Detection bietet Sicherheit


Improves driver perception and prevents collisions with people and other vehicles.

Linde Motion Detection liefert Produktivität


Smaller accident rates minimise downtime, costs and increase productivity.

Linde Motion Detection liefert Nachhaltigkeit


Warehouse workers are made aware of dangerous situations during their work.

Linde Motion Detection liefert Modernisierung der Fahrzeugflotte


Complete forklift fleets can be easily and cost-effectively retrofitted with the system.

Linde Motion Detection Multitasking

Multitasking as a risk factor

Picking up and setting down loads or storing and retrieving them is probably one of the most delicate moments in the everyday interaction between forklift trucks and pedestrians. This is because the driver concentrates mainly on the load to be handled and is not aware of other vehicles and pedestrians behind him. Due to time pressure or loss of concentration caused by repeating monotonous tasks, such a situation becomes all the more dangerous.

Prevent accidents almost everywhere

By detecting movement behind the stationary forklift truck, the assistance system reliably prevents collisions with vehicles or pedestrians. As soon as a movement is detected, the system prevents the truck from reversing and warns the driver via a message on the vehicle display. After such a warning, the operator must return the pedal to its original position to allow the vehicle to continue driving.
Linde Motion Detection works independently of any brightness and can also be individually adapted to environments and applications.

Linde Motion Detection Unfallverhinderung
Linde Motion Detection Sicherheit

Effective safety for retrofitting

The Linde Motion Detection concept is designed for forklift trucks and can easily be retrofitted to existing fleets. In order not to further increase the already often high noise level in production or warehouses, this assistance system eliminates the need for an annoying continuous warning tone when reversing.
Furthermore, pedestrians and drivers are sensitised to dangerous situations, which contributes to an overall increase in safety, reduces downtimes caused by accidents and thus maintains the material flow.

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