Jungbluth Sonderlösungen

Customised for individual requirements

Customised solutions

Our customised solutions are designed to handle your intralogistics challenges efficiently and reliably. Customised solutions for your individual requirements.

Ulma low and high lift trucks made of stainless steel

ULMA Inoxtruck is your competent partner for the development, production and marketing of hygienisable transport equipment and load handling in clean rooms in production. Our expertise extends to the provision of hygienic solutions specifically tailored to the requirements of the food and agricultural sectors. In addition, we offer customised solutions for laboratories in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, biomedicine, microelectronics and aerospace. ULMA Inoxtruck stands for quality and innovation when it comes to meeting the highest standards of hygiene in sensitive production environments.


Logitrans is characterised as a solution provider for individual handling problems and concentrates in particular on five core industries:

  1. Pharmaceutical industry: Stainless steel products from Logitrans are of particular benefit to the pharmaceutical industry. With their resistance to acids and corrosion as well as their wear-resistant surface, they guarantee high durability and a long service life in aggressive environments.
  2. Food industry: The food industry is subject to strict hygiene regulations. Logitrans stainless steel products have been developed in close collaboration with industry experts to reliably fulfil these standards.
  3. Distribution industry: Fast, safe and manoeuvrable – these characteristics make Logitrans products ideal for the requirements of the distribution industry.
  4. Component industry: In terms of ergonomics, Logitrans products are optimally equipped and guarantee ergonomically correct working conditions for all operators.
  5. Hospitals: Modern hospitals face numerous challenges around the clock to ensure the optimum safety of patients and staff. In this context, Logitrans solutions offer reliable support.

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