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Detects dangers before they arise

Linde Safety Guard

The Linde Safety Guard is an innovative assistance system that directly increases safety in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle for both the operator and pedestrians. Due to the active alerting in the event of a hazard, this safety system gives everyone involved enough time to react in time. Thanks to a variety of warning options such as tones, flashing LEDs or vibrations, the components warn regardless of whether the working environment is noisy or dark, depending on the application and device. In this way, hazards are defused before damage to property or personal injury occurs.

Your advantages at a glance

Linde Safety Guard bietet Personen- und Zonenerkennung

Person and zone detection as well as display of number and position of persons in the danger zone

Linde Safety Guard präzise konfigurierbar

Warning zones configurable to within 10 cm

Linde Safety Guard warnt Personen und Fahrzeuge auch durch Wände

Mutual warning of persons and vehicles as well as detection through walls and shelves

Comprehensive protection zones

Linde Safety Guard Schutzzonen Grafik

Limited or poor visibility, crossing persons or excessive speeds of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment. Accidents can occur for a variety of reasons during daily work with industrial trucks. In order to prevent these accidents, the protective zones of the Linde Safety Guard can be individually adapted to your circumstances and requirements. This means that, if necessary, virtually all areas relevant to you can be covered with protective zones.

Dangers between vehicles and pedestrians

Forklift trucks and warehouse equipment can be dangerous for pedestrians at corners, hall entrances or zebra crossings that are difficult to see. The Linde Safety Guard warns pedestrians and operators in good time of any danger. The 10 cm accurate signal is transmitted through walls and shelves. In addition, the warnings are only transmitted when there is a concrete danger, so there is no annoying continuous warning.

Excessive speed

When forklift trucks and warehouse equipment move quickly through certain areas where pedestrians often cross, accidents can quickly occur. This can also be the case on long straight stretches where the operator is tempted to drive fast. To prevent this, the Linde Safety Guard can generally reduce the vehicle speed in critical areas.

Accidents between vehicles

Due to poor visibility at intersections, collisions between vehicles can also occur frequently at these locations. With the Linde Safety Guard, all operators involved can be warned of other vehicles in the intersection area at an early stage. In addition, the receiver unit indicates the direction from which vehicles are approaching. The warning distance of the vehicles can be set individually.

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Video of the Linde Safety Guard

The components at a glance

Vehicle unit

The vehicle unit warns the operator of a forklift truck or warehouse equipment of danger through the LED lights and an acoustic signal.

Linde Safety Guard Fahrzeug Einheit

Mobile unit

The mobile unit warns pedestrians of approaching forklifts and warehouse equipment through LED lights, sound signals and vibration.

Linde Safety Guard Mobile EInheit


The sensors detect the units of vehicles and persons in the specified danger area or protection zone.

Linde Safety Guard Sensoren

Vehicle unit small

The small vehicle unit is attached to the forklift truck or warehouse equipment and communicates with other stationary units such as the static unit or the zone marker.

Linde Safety Guard Fahrzeug Einheit klein

Static unit

Die statische Einheit markiert Gefahrenzonen in kritischen Bereichen wie beispielsweise schwer einsehbaren Kreuzungen oder Toren. Sie warnt dabei zusätzlich die Umgebung mit Tonsignalen und LED-Leuchten über sich nähernde Objekte.

Linde Safety Guard Statische Einheit

Zone marker

The zone marker determines areas where the speed is limited.

Linde Safety Guard Zonen Marker


The charger charges the mobile units inductively. The fully automatic activation ensures optimum ease of use.

Linde Safety Guard Ladegerät

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